"Sono il disperato, la voce senza eco... colui che tutto ebbe, colui che tutto perse".

You crying, tragic waste of skin…
" Sure, we were young. We were arrogant. We were ridiculous. There were excesses. We were brash. We were foolish. We had factional fights. But we were right. "
↳ Abbie Hoffman (via allwereallyneedisweed)


The problem with people who say always what they think is that they believe everyone else does the same

" Perdonami perché ho lottato solo per te. "
Emily Bronte “Cime tempestose” (via ildiariodigin)
" Una buona grammatica è più sexy di una maglietta scollata. "
↳ Unamareadisguardi. (via unamareadisguardi)
" What novels do you write?" she asked.
“I want to write a novel about Silence,” he said; “the things people don’t say. But the difficulty is immense. "
↳ Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out (via inthemoodtodissolveinthesky)